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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Midweek Music Miscellany Wednesday 13th. March 2019 from 11.30AM to 12.30PM GMT on

Play list Midweek Music Miscellany Wednesday 13th. March 2019 fro 11.30AM to 12.30PM GMT on 103.2 Dublin City FM or or


1. Our Father ( 3.22 ) - Dave Brubeck with Cathedral Choral Society Chorus & Orchestra Conductor Russell Gloud - CD To Hope A Celebration Recorded Live At Washington National Cathedral Telarc Records

2. The Armed Man ( 6.25 ) - Karl Jenkins - CD The Armed Man A Mass For Peace Decca Records

3. Lord I Feel Tired ( 4.15 ) - Ruben Hoeke Band - CD Sugar Munich Records

4. Shipwreck Eyes ( 3.03 ) - Mick Brady - CD I'll Be There

5. If You Let Me Stay ( 3.21 ) - Terence Trent D'Arby - CD Introducing The Hardline Sony Music
Terence Trenty D'Arby born 15th. March 1962 / 57 this week

6. Trade Winds ( 3.34 ) - Gary Innes - CD Imminent

7. Hazzard ( 3.31 ) - Blackbird & Crow - CD Shock Shatter Convince

8. Rubber Ball ( 1961 ) ( 2.12 ) - Marty Wilde - CD Marty Wilde Three Classic Albums Plus Thirteen Bonus 7" Singles

9. Glimpse Of Love ( 4.15 ) - Clare O'Riordan - CD Outside

10. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues ( 6.24 ) - The Winters - CD Riches

11. To Be Alone With You ( 2.10 ) - Bob Dylan - CD Nashville Skyline Columbia Records

12. I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair ( 2.56 ) - Mitzi Gaynor - CD Call The Midwife BBC Records
Mitzi Gaynor (born Francesca Marlene de Czanyi von Gerber; September 4, 1931) is an American actress, singer, and dancer.

13. Mr. Tambourine Man ( 2.19 ) - The Byrds - CD The Byrds Full Flyte 1965 - 1970 Raven Records
Hal Blaine (born Harold Simon Belsky; February 5, 1929 – March 11, 2019) was an American drummer and session musician. Blaine was one of the most recorded studio drummers in the history of the music industry, claiming over 35,000 sessions, and 6,000 singles, whose drumming is featured on 40 number 1 hits by a range of popular artists from the Byrds to Frank Sinatra, as well as on film and television soundtracks. Born in Holyoke, Massachusetts, Blaine moved with his family to California in 1943. He began playing jazz and big band music before taking up session work, specialising in rock 'n' roll.

He became one of the key players in Phil Spector's de facto house band, later known as "The Wrecking Crew", after Blaine's 1990 memoirs of the group. His opening drum shots on the the Ronettes' single "Be My Baby" (1963) made the song instantly recognizable, and his defining work on it won him many accolades. His signature hit singles include the Beach Boys' Good Vibrations, Simon and Garfunkel's Mrs. Robinson, and The Byrds' Mr. Tambourine Man.

14. Mango Mangue ( 2.52 ) - Charlie Parker with Machitio - CD Beginners Guide to Latin Jazz
Charles Parker Jr. (August 29 1920 – March 12 1955), also known as Yardbird and Bird, was an American jazz saxophonist and composer.

On this day
13 Mar 1961
The Temptations auditioned for Motown Records. They were then known as the Elgins but soon changed their name. Now having sold tens of millions of albums, the Temptations are one of the most successful groups in music history, known for their choreography, distinct harmonies, and flashy wardrobe, the group was highly influential in the evolution of R&B and soul music.
13 Mar 1964
Billboard reported that sales of Beatles singles currently accounted for 60 percent of the US singles market and The Beatles album Meet the Beatles had reached a record 3.5 million copies sold.
13 Mar 1965
Eric Clapton quit The Yardbirds due to musical differences with the other band members. Clapton wanted to continue in a blues type vein, while the rest of the band preferred the more commercial style of their first hit, 'For Your Love'.
13 Mar 1965
The Beatles started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Eight Days A Week', the group's 7th US No.1. Paul McCartney would later say the name of the song came from a chauffeur who drove him one day. 'I said, 'How've you been?' 'Oh working hard,' he said, 'Working eight days a week.'
13 Mar 1966
Rod Stewart left the British blues band Steampacket to work as a solo artist. Arguably, the UK's first "supergroup" Steampacket was formed in 1965 by Long John Baldry and also featured singer Julie Driscoll, organist Brian Auger and guitarist Vic Briggs.
13 Mar 1966
Pink Floyd appeared for the first time at The The Marquee Club in Wardour Street, London, England. The Marquee became the most important venue for the emerging British scene and witnessed the rise of some of the most important artists in the 1960s and 1970s, such as Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Manfred Mann, The Who, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, King Crimson and Genesis.
13 Mar 1967
Working at Abbey Road studios in London, six members of Sounds, Inc. recorded the horn parts for The Beatles song 'Good Morning Good Morning' (three saxophones, two trombones, and one french horn).
13 Mar 1971
Brewer and Shipley entered the US singles chart with 'One Toke Over The Line'. The song, which featured Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia on steel guitar, peaked at No.10 despite being banned by radio stations for its drug references. Brewer and Shipley maintained that the word 'toke' meant 'token' as in ticket, hence the line 'waitin' downtown at the railway station, one toke over the line.'
13 Mar 1976
The Four Seasons started a three week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'December 1963, (Oh What A Night)', the group's 5th US No.1, also their only UK No.1.
13 Mar 1977
Manhattan Transfer were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Chanson D'amour', the group's only UK No.1. The retro Jazz vocal harmony group had been working in New York gay bars, singing 40s and 50s swing classics.
13 Mar 1977
Iggy Pop kicked off a the North American leg of The Idiot World Tour at Le Plateau Theatre, Montreal, Canada (with David Bowie in the band playing keyboards and backing vocals). Blondie were the opening act on this leg of the tour.

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